Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Boots with the fur

Long time, no blog.

With an exciting, possibly life-changing something happening in my life over the next week (there is a reason for this ambiguity), I may be able to keep not only my standards, but also my heels high again! Look out for that spot of fabulousity! Coming soon to a browser near you!

In the interim, thanks to becoming yet another year older and ensuring friends and family know me well enough to shower me with all the right giftings, I have acquired a few lovely items of a fashionable nature. Even a pair of super cute wedge sneaker boots! I'm not a lover of the 'hi-top wedge' / sneaker boot trend in general, but I had a lucky find in a stylish pair minus the 'im a takkie, but I want to be an ankle boot too' split personality disorder. Have a look see...


The hooded gown for the cold winter months,the essential studded handbag, classic Nine West handbag in coral, and boots with the fur.

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