Sunday, February 17, 2013

I need new feet!

I've never considered joint replacements to be a good idea. I know many people with 'faulty' elbows, knees and toes would gladly replace them with new, well-working tools. I have many times in frustration screamed "I need new arms!" to myself and whoever was close enough to hear and may consider a swop;)

So while I am mostly against replacing degenerating joints and while I know many doctors do not encourage joint replacements at a young age, there is one very, very good, fashionable, gorgeous reason I would consider it.

This reason guessed it...SHOES! High-heeled shoes to be more exact. I would gladly replace an ankle or toe if it would mean being able to don the dearly beloved beauties that has the power to make a woman feel just a little bit sexier and to paraphrase Alicia Keys, to feel like "a girl on fire".

I will show you some of these reasons...what would a farewellstiletto blogpost be without a photo or two of shoes?!

I have a few favourite shoe designers. Ha! As if I can afford any of their creations...right now;) Anyway, these are well-known designers and we often see their wares on the feet of our favourite stylish celebs.

Here follows the BEST, most sensible (yeah right!) reasons to get joint replacements in my feet...

First up...a creation from Monsieur Christian Louboutin. Mrs Ryan Reynolds' provider of all her high-heeled needs. 

A Brian Atwood colour-block hottie.

Now that would do for my wedding someday...thank you Manolo Blahnik!

In conclusion, Christian Louboutin Just Picks Pumps...a current favourite on red carpets.

Oh well, methinks a joint replacement might just cost less than one of the above items!