Monday, January 7, 2013

Like sands through this hourglass...

We have just emerged from the silly season and as this is my first blogpost for the year, I think it would be fitting to reflect on the weeks that were. Those weeks that many look forward to all year. Christmas, New Years and everything in between. This is the true party season; which begs the question: How does one do the party season without being well and high-heeled?

Most women (especially my shorter counterparts) would agree that there is a greater confidence, posture and sexiness that comes with having your feet in heels. Many of us just don't feel completely 'dressed' or 'dressed up' when we're still too close to the ground. The truth of this is even more apparent to those of us who desperately need the extra height to avoid straining our necks while having conversations with the vertically-privileged. Besides the height issue, there's also the issue of proportion. Any fashion magazine or makeover show worth paying attention to will tell you that when you're short and 'shaped', heels can be your best friend.
My precious...

Pear, apple, hourglass and other relevantly fruit-and-glass-shaped ladies will know that heels can instantly make you look slimmer and make your legs appear more modelesque. Now let me just say that I am what you may call a typical hourglass figure. It has taken time to accept this as I was once (not that many years ago) a size 4! Alas, those days are forever irretrievable. My greatest medical nemesis, the famously dreaded cortisone, has created a shapely, womanly figure. That's the politically correct way of putting it! Bearing this is mind, it is then fashion protocol to be in heels as often as possible. But medical conditions do not follow protocol, but rather insist on a practical, safe approach to footwear. boring! I just put practical and footwear in the same sentence. Giving up your stilettos causes crazy warned. 

So how did I survive the season to be jolly without heels? The Rheumatoid Arthritis diva and I compromised. Two words. Wedge heels. Yes, they may not be as glamorous as high-heels, but luckily these days they are just as pretty. And they're more on the practical side. That being said, there are some wedges that are so sky high, they're like little built-up towers on feet. I'd love to advocate these, but I cannot guarantee no injuries, so rather not my fellow joint/muscle troubled ladies. Per example; Christmas lunch at the V&A Waterfront...I take the walk to the restaurant in my very high wood wedges and later return to the parking area in the flat Froggie sandals I stuffed in my bag. My brother may not have been impressed with my desperation, but hey, I needed my moment. 

Of course a photo needed to be taken to prove my bravery. Much to my brother's embarrassment!

I, of course, cannot resist anything brightly coloured and so it was with the wedge-heeled feet the past few weeks. Whenever I could walk a mile in them, I'd grab the opportunity, and on days when my ankles and knees would just not allow it, my 2 pairs of Froggies became the next best thing. Froggies is a South African brand of genuine leather, which are, according to their slogan, designed by fashion designers and engineered by podiatrists for comfort. I would not agree 100% with the first part of that slogan, they can do more work on the "fashion design" element, but the latter is indeed true. To my delight!   

Like sands through this hourglass (figure), so are the days of my feet.